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  1. Krishna

    Is manage AWS server sustainable

    Hi Linda I am working as AWS Engineer. I recommend you to directly host your eCommerce store using AWS. Now its way simple and easy for everyone to understood and deploy your stuff there. Just read the documentation and start working on it. If you are from technical background then it will be easy and if you are not, Not a problem it will be easy too if you follow documentation. There are no proper AWS communities that are focusing or helping out someone who is in need like you. If you need any assistance please feel free to post your queries here or send me a private message. I am admin for this forum and trying to help people here. Regards, Krishna
  2. Krishna

    AWS - custom deny message

    AWS doesn't allow you to perform or push custom messages at IAM level. If a user has access to any of the services then he will be authorised to enter otherwise user cannot enter and a message will be thrown which is built in. There are some limitations with this. Even we had same kind of issues with lambda and other Systems manager. The only thing that you can do is to educate them in those scenarios. Let me know if you need any help. 🙂 ~Krishna
  3. Chan you just check the VPC Settings i mean the Subnet associated with the EC2 instance and also the NACL's, Natgateway IP, Internet gateway etc. The second thing would be the Linux version upgrade and also try to run that using run command if you were not able to SSH. Before doing it assign a SSM Agent policy. Regards, Krishna