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  1. I'm trying to build a solution using Azure DevOps and publish the result as a nuGet package in a private repository. A project in the solution contains a localized resource Language.resx containing the English texts. The localized versions are: Language.da.resx, Language.se.resx and Language.no.resx yet none of these are included in the resulting nuget package. I tried adding /target:Resource,Compile to the MSBuild arguments property of the Build Solution task in DevOps but it just resulted in an error saying no 'Resource' target was found. I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious, but I just can't see it. I must be close, the nuGet package gets published after all, and works, except for the localization resources. I inspected the resulting nuGet Package and extracted the dll from the project in question. Opening the dll in .Net Reflector 10 shows me that it does indeed contain the text strings in English, but no other languages.
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    AWS - custom deny message

    Sometime AWS policies evaluate to an authorization deny message, however, our employees don't always understand the reason why. In that cases, displaying a custom message would help a lot. For example, I have a policy for technical support users which AWS technical gives them the ability to attach policies to other users, except policies that allow the users to act on EC2 production instances. What I want to do is to display a message like "Assigning permissions to operate upon EC2 instances is not allowed, please contact XXX if you need to do that anyway". Is that possible?
  3. My ec2 server (in Singapore) runs over 1 year and it was fine until yesterday. It is suddenly crashed (very likely): all applications run on that server are all stopped and I can't ssh login, ping also fail, even after I reboot it from AWS web console. In the web console, the server status is normal, shows "running" with a green light. But I just can't do anything on it! It never happened in the past 15 months. And AWS Technical doesn't allow me to request a technical support. What should I do? I'm sure my security groups has setup correctly because I didn't change it at all.